theme #1 - v1.0

a kinda simple theme

as the name implies i’ve literally never made a theme before but anyway here’s the result of my first attempt at making one from scratch

here are the static previews featured in the screenshots BUT you can also basically use my current theme as a live preview for now of yet another setup isn’t that cool

preview 1 | code
preview 2 | code

info things

  • 250/400/500px
  • optional round corners
  • optional post borders
  • option for custom sidebar icon, or revert to your current icon
  • side image
  • infinite scroll or pagination (the static previews don’t show the navigation but the buttons show up under the links yeah)
  • show/hide captions
  • as many custom links as you want, 4 default but you can add more in the code
  • three whole font options woah
  • lots of color options (probably too many so i hope you know how to coordinate)
  • i made this on a 1920x1080 monitor but it also still works on monitors as small as 1024x768 basically

other things of varying importance

  • unfortunately it’s not optimized for max backgrounds due to sidebar text and permalink text being exposed to the background, this was made for simple color backgrounds but also works with very subtle patterns (see static preview 2 and also my theme)
  • for some reason the title can only be three lines long, it shows up fine when you’re editing it but then you hit save and it cuts the rest off oh no
  • for now permalink stuff + notes etc show up on the right of posts when you hover, someday this might be optional if i give the posts a proper footer

send me feedback! this is my first theme ever so i might have missed a lot of details and customization options



The leaks were real: Duck Hunt dog and these others dudes are in Smash Bros. ⊟

Thanks to people copping early copies of the game in Japan and streaming their playthroughs, we now know that the Duck Hunt dog (maybe a.k.a. Mr. Peepers) is in Smash Bros. He even brings back characters from NES’s Wild Gunman for his moves and final smash.

Other characters not yet formally announced but unlocked so far: Dr. Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, Wario, Dark Pit, and Ness. Ganondorf is in there, but I didn’t have room to fit him in the gallery.

Thanks to thedmonroeshow, sonicbrawler182, and Joel for the GIFs.

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