Track: Bonds: The Spinning Fruit
Artist: Yukari Hashimoto
Album: Mawaru Penguindrum BD vol. 8 Extra Audio CD
Plays: 610


Bonds: The Spinning Fruit - Yukari Hashimoto

Anime: Mawaru Penguindrum



let’s just take a brief moment to look at this image. togami’s been entrusted with a goddamn megaphone. people are probably trying to kill him. with knives and guns and elaborate plans made by goth lolitas. he’s got a megaphone. betting ten dollars right here right now that someone’s gonna shoot at him and he’s gonna vaporize the bullet just by shouting “my name is byakuya togami” at it


Trigger animator Mai Yoneyama drew Tumblr’s favorite.

Track: Dramatical Murder OST - Jellyfish Song
Artist: Masamoto Nakazawa
Album: Dramatical Murder CD vol.2
Plays: 4,630


Jellyfish Song - Full Anime Ver.

Audio Clip (Restored from Radio N+C)


After months of undertaking this challenge, I have finally completed it. Majora’s Mask: Clocktown, which is the 4th track in Theophany’s MM album. This has got to be one of my most complex art pieces yet by staying true to the game and designs, but by bringing more life to it than ever before.

I hope you enjoy this piece, and thank you so much to those who have been very patient waiting for this artwork!

Track: Wake Me Up When September Ends
Artist: Green Day
Album: American Idiot
Plays: 7,380


Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

 by Mayer
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